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Student Assignments  I will post some photographs here that you should look at and question as to how they were made.

Each week I will post a new image and answer the one from the week before. If you wish, you could e-mail your answer to baum634@hotmail.com or write it down and bring it with you to the class. I’ll probably answer it in class as well.


Image ONE


The stream photograph uses a slow shutter speed to blur the water, yet the moss on the rocks is sharply focused. What are some ways to hold your camera steady for the exposure? What settings would you or could you use on your camera to produce this effect? Send Answers to baum634@hotmail.com or bring them to class.

Answer: The camera for this shot was mounted on a tripod. You can set your camera on a solid surface or support yourself against a tree if you do not have a tripod handy. The setting for this shot was f 29 at about 2 seconds. The camera was in the aperture priority mode.

Image TWO

The redwood at the left was shot using maximum depth of field. Explain what factors affect depth of field, and give an educated guess as to the settings for this shot.

Depth of field is controlled by aperture, distance to the subject and lens focal length. Here the aperture was at the highest (f11) and the tree really was not that close. It was just BIG!


Switzerland - Italy -1062
Switzerland - Italy -1040

Here are two shots of the same subject moments apart. How did I change the color in the second shot on the left?

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